08 septiembre 2009

Rashaan Patterson: Where You Are

Han pasado más de 10 años desde que este neoyorkino -muy influenciado vocal y en su forma de componer por Stevie Wonder- publicara su primer disco. Frescura en sus melodías y sonido, flexibilidad en sus acordes vocales -propias de barítono- y un halo especial envolviéndole en sus composiciones. Era un Rashaan Patterson al que confío volver a ver en solitario, no en la faceta sintético/electrónica llamada SugaRush Beat Company, sino cautivándome con canciones como ésta de sus comienzos, "Where You Are" .

Uhm, uhm, uhm uhm, uhm, uh uh uh (2x)
Baby forgive me
For making you wait so long
Girl please believe that
It's due to my lack of funds
Baby I swear, I'm gonna find a way to get out of here
Cause I wanna be where you are

(Chorus) I've got to get to where you are
Cause I can't stand bein apart, from you
Just to think of your smile sooths my soul for a while girl its true
I've gotta get to where you are
I'll take a bus plane train or car
All I know is that I must find a way to get to where you are

Oh what a feeling
Oh what a sweet suprise
Right here in front of me
Staring into your eyes
Baby tonight, I'll hitch a ride and leave everything behind
Cause I wanna be where you are


I've got to get to
Ooh I've gotta
Get to where you are
I've gotta get to
I've gotta gotta get where you are
Where you are

Uhm Uhm Uhm Uhm Uhm uh uh uh(2x)

Chorus 3x

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